Japanese Cultural Festival


God knows I LOVE Japanese culture — Hello Kitty, Geisha girls, Harajuku style, green tea, sushi…what’s NOT to love? So when I found out there was a Japanese Cultural Festival in Santa Fe, I was totally THERE!

The event was held at the S.F. Convention Center and I was able to find a parking spot nearby on the street. It was easy to purchase a ticket at the entrance.

As soon as I walked into the event, I came across a nice stand selling some cool clothes and jewelry AND they just happened to be selling the exact kind of mala bracelet I was trying to find for YEARS — ka-ching — purchase #1. And then a really nice pair of gauze pants in ocean blue — ka-ching — purchase #2.

I wandered around some more, looking at the vendors, gnoshing on some sushi, sipping green tea, watching some mediocre martial arts displays, and noticing a ton of people gobbling down green tea ice cream which sold out by the time I got there.

I was basically wasting time till the main event: a performance by renowned Katsugi Okedo master RINGTARO. He was pretty phenomenal and quite an entertainer. Taiko drumming was definitely not like anything I had ever seen before.

A local Santa Fe band called Taiko Sol also performed that day — I am keeping my eyes peeled for more of their shows.

MORE INFO: www.santafejin.org

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