International UFO Museum & Research Center


Wow! What can I say? Each and every piece of memorabilia about the Roswell UFO crash, conspiracy theories surrounding it, and more were collected into this tiny place in the middle of downtown Roswell.

I probably could’ve spent A LOT more time here had I read each news article on display word-for-word, watched the full length feature film being played (Fire in the Sky), and went to the research library for even more alien information. As it was, I’m pretty sure my friend and I spent a good couple of hours here visiting the museum and gift shop, and striking some poses in the alien photo booth. (yes, that’s right…I said Alien. Photo. Booth.)

If you believe in life beyond this planet (or even if you don’t), you should definitely visit this place. If nothing else, you will get to watch small children crying in fear that the animated aliens on display in the center of the room might actually be for real. Hmmmm……