Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Chaco Culture National Historical Park | Enchanted New Mexico

I was so close to going to Chaco Canyon after I went to Bisti, but the extra windy weather and the threat of running out of gas overrode my desire for more adventure that day. 😦

According to Wikipedia, Chaco Culture National Historical Park hosts the densest and most exceptional concentration of pueblos in the American Southwest. The park contains the most sweeping collection of ancient ruins north of Mexico and it is one of the most important pre-Columbian cultural and historical areas in the United States. Chaco is also an international Dark Sky Park, one of only four places on Earth to receive this distinction.

As for me, I was most interested in experiencing Chaco’s spiritual aspects. Chaco was an important stop along many Indian clans’ sacred migration paths and was viewed as a spiritual place to be honored and respected. SOMEDAY I hope to have the opportunity to camp in Chaco, stare up at the stars, and meditate on the meaning of life here.