Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway

My BFF Sophia and I decided to go here together. Yay for travel buddies! The Tram is on the outskirts of Albuquerque, about an hour’s drive from Santa Fe. It was $2 to park in the lot and then $25/person to ride the Tram round trip. Yeah, that’s a lot of money. But I figured … More Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway

Acoma Pueblo (Sky City)

Acoma Pueblo was built atop White Rock Mesa, 367 feet above the desert floor, around 1150 A.D. It is said to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited communities in North America. Besides its history, the thought of a “Sky City” always intrigued me and was probably the main reason why I added this to … More Acoma Pueblo (Sky City)

Enchanted Mesa

The Enchanted Mesa was visible from Acoma Pueblo. Acoma tradition says that the Enchanted Mesa was the ancestral home of the Acoma people until a severe storm and landslide destroyed the only approach to their village. Some of the Acoma people were stranded on top of the mesa and eventually died there. Their spirits are … More Enchanted Mesa

Loretto Chapel

As my time is winding down here in New Mexico, I’m trying to fit in every tourist-y thing that I haven’t seen yet. The mysterious Loretto Chapel Staircase, located near the Santa Fe Plaza, was on this list. Legend says that an obscure (and some say unpaid) carpenter built this magnificent structure for the sisters … More Loretto Chapel