Guadalajara Grill

The Guadalajara Grill was recommended to me ever since I arrived here in northern New Mexico. My friend and I finally went there to see what all the talk was about (at the GG location on the south side of Taos). First of all, we got there really early (around 4:30), so the place was … More Guadalajara Grill

Lambert’s of Taos

Lambert’s has a very nice atmosphere and a great selection on its menu. I opted for the Vegetarian Red Coconut Curry, while my friend got ‘the catch of the day’ (salmon), and his dad ordered the lamb shank. We all split a bottle of Malbec. I was very happy with my choice. My friend thought … More Lambert’s of Taos

Martyrs Steakhouse

My daughter took me here for my birthday dinner and we were not disappointed — probably one of the best places I’ve eaten in the area. In addition to an amazing margarita, I didn’t see any of the usual New Mexican fare! Woo hoo! I got the salmon special and really enjoyed it. We didn’t … More Martyrs Steakhouse

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

I was actually at the Gorge Bridge for the first time on December 30, 2014. I can tell you, it was definitely a more pleasant experience in October — without freezing temperatures, cutting winds, and ice all over the walkways making you fear that you just might slip into the gorge! This tourist destination is … More Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Taos Pueblo

My daughter and I went to Taos Pueblo for the first time together while she was here visiting from Pennsylvania. Her pick, and it was my birthday! 🙂 I was totally expecting some ancient deserted pueblo similar to what I had seen at other locations I visited already, even though the website says it is … More Taos Pueblo

Taos Plaza

The Taos Plaza is at the center of the Taos Historic District. It’s a little bit smaller than the plazas in ABQ and Santa Fe, making it more manageable to explore. There’s a free parking lot right nearby on Cam De La Placita. The Taos Plaza also offers free live concerts May through October. There … More Taos Plaza

Harwood Museum of Art

I visited the Harwood Museum of Art, located in Taos, on a cold day in early January. I wanted to check out the exhibit, “Lowbrow Insurgence: The Rise of Post-Pop Art“. Pop Art is one of my favorite genres and I’ve been known to travel hours to go check out a show. This was a … More Harwood Museum of Art

Taos Ski Valley

I am not a skier (that I know of based on previous attempts), but I wanted to go check out the Taos Ski Valley because I had heard about it from some of my friends in PA and I figured it might be cool to watch some people skiing down the slopes. It was pretty … More Taos Ski Valley

Earthship Biotecture Community

The Earthship Biotecture Community interested me because earthships are touted as “the most versatile and economical sustainable green building design in the world”. I didn’t realize how futuristic they would be until I pulled into the parking lot of the visitor’s center. They were almost like alien structures and some of the concepts behind these … More Earthship Biotecture Community