Jemez Springs Bath House

Jemez Springs Historic Bath House | Enchanted New Mexico

During our impromptu weekend excursion on the Jemez Mountain Trail Scenic Byway, my friend and I made the Jemez Springs Bath House one of our destination points. Unfortunately, this bath house was really not up to par for our tastes. The tiny tubs with curtained off rooms just didn’t do it for either of us; in fact, they kind of creeped us out. (I was reminded of porn shops with private rooms, to tell you the truth.)

In the end, we ended up going over to Giggling Springs with more natural outdoor pools. Because Giggling Springs is pretty small, we apparently pissed off one of our fellow bathers with our “antics”. ?? Some people just can’t handle happiness I guess. Despite that brief bit of conflict, we enjoyed our time at Giggling Springs.