Monastery of Christ in the Desert

Monastery of Christ in the Desert | Enchanted New Mexico

The drive to the Benedictine Abbey of Christ in the Desert is part of the adventure. Be prepared for a long, winding, bumpy ride along the scenic banks of the Rio Chama. If you’re in a small car, be forewarned: it looks like this road could get extremely muddy on wet and rainy days, so you could get stuck!

During the drive, I totally understood why this was chosen as a sacred place. The landscape alone inspired reverence and awe.

This trip was kind of an unplanned stop, and I think the liturgical service (sext?) at 1pm was just ending. As I pulled up, I heard the bell ring three times, three times in a row, and then people (day guests?) filed out of the church.

There really didn’t seem to be much to do out here at the monastery, which makes sense — perfect for silence and contemplation. There was the church, a small art gallery with some nice photography on display, a gift shop, and a comfy couch to relax on. And I saw one monk while I was there.

If you’re looking for an escape from the daily grind, this would definitely be a place to get away from it all.