Guadalajara Grill

Guadalajara Grill (south) | Enchanted New Mexico

The Guadalajara Grill was recommended to me ever since I arrived here in northern New Mexico. My friend and I finally went there to see what all the talk was about (at the GG location on the south side of Taos).

First of all, we got there really early (around 4:30), so the place was pretty Deadsville. Little did we realize how the evening would unfold!

The Guadalajara Grill is cafeteria style Mexican food. Its saving grace: real non-English speaking Mexicans make the food — the secret ingredient — so it was good and authentic. I ordered one enchilada w/beans and rice and my friend had the most ginormous quesadilla I’ve ever seen. This quesadilla was served on a pizza tray and covered the whole thing! Well worth the $14! (Here’s an image now.)

As the evening wore on, the place became jam-packed — especially considering it was a Tuesday — and people were lined up to the door. The guy behind the counter was really sweet and I enjoyed the food and vibrant atmosphere here.