Terra Restaurant Santa Fe | Enchanted New Mexico

OK. So I haven’t officially had dinner at Terra yet, but I’ve had bar food and cocktails there now a couple of times and liked it. The first time, they didn’t give me anything I asked for but what they did give me was pretty good — especially after 6 hours of personal training at the Four Seasons gym. I ordered a bean and cheese taco and got some really amazing vegetarian taco with tri-color carrots and all sorts of goodness and a Sea Breeze cocktail that was more grapefruit juice than anything. Satisfying and plenty to share w/my coworker, nonetheless.

Last trip, I ordered one of their specialty drinks: some blackberry bourbon deliciousness. Two of those and I was lucky to make it home alive! (j/k)

Seriously, be prepared to pay at least $15 for everything — including the alcoholic beverages (even a not so well made Sea Breeze) and burgers are $18 as of this posting. But if you’re looking for a swanky upscale experience in Santa Fe, Terra is a good bet.

MORE INFO: www.fourseasons.com