Dixon Studio Tour

Dixon Studio Tour | Enchanted New Mexico

I checked out the long-awaited Dixon Studio Tour on November 7, 2015. (You know… the one this artist wasn’t allowed to participate in cuz I was one month short of one year of living in this “Union town” called Dixon.)

It was a very well attended event and the words of my landlord rang in my ears, “Dixon turns out.” Downtown Dixon was overflowing with people and way too much traffic for the two single lanes that traverse town.

I began by traveling north on Highway 68 to #5, a Pottery Studio. Let’s just say I was concerned about being alone in the place with the man. Talk of paintings revealing hidden messages of salvation and sin and what the new world needs…well, way too much for a single explorer to take in on my first stop. And then I was stopped on the way out by some random woman telling me I couldn’t go out the way I went in cuz it wasn’t the ‘right’ way even though no clear path was marked. Welcome to Dixon everyone… After this, I was barked at pretty viciously by a pit bull and a blue heeler who then proceeded to escape through a hole in their fence and followed me down the lane to the next destination (memories of Mexico). I played it cool and everything ended up alright (the dogs were super sweet to me, but not to another guy w/his dog on leash), but geez…couldn’t you secure your dogs on a day like this???

Thankfully there were a couple of places that made a good impression on me: ManifeStation Arts was a cool upscale art & antique boutique — so NOT in line with Dixon. I liked quite a few things there. Hopefully it can last. The next fave of the day: Miya Pottery (I think). What made it special: Kombucha Marimba was outside jamming out on their super huge xylophones. Loved it!

It was good to have a small taste of First Fridays out here in Dixon (even though this one only comes once a year).

MORE INFO: www.dixonarts.org