Santa Fe Opera House

Santa Fe Opera

Ever since I saw this open-air theater, I had this place on my must-see list. The “Apprentice Showcase” promised “the ‘Stars of Tomorrow’ performing various fully staged opera scenes.” It was my opportunity to experience the Opera House in all its glory, for less than $20 — perfect!

I got to the opera house almost an hour before the show started, thinking I would sit in the restaurant or find something to do before the show. Well, all of the tables at the outdoor bistro-style restaurant were full when I got there…so much for that idea. Next: the Opera Shop. Meh. I didn’t really need anything there. So after snapping a couple of pix, I made my way inside the gates to what I thought was the main courtyard area and just hung out there (with my phone) till I could go to my seat.

I had a really fantastic seat in the front orchestra area. I kind of chuckled at the subtitle machine in front of me, cuz it reminded me of my nights of watching foreign films on Netflix, though it did come in handy. As the night got later, I was definitely wishing for a blanket or warmer clothes (my perpetual experience of Santa Fe at night) and I almost considered leaving before the second act. However, after intermission, the heat lamps came on and the acts improved — some of them even bringing a tear to my eye — and I was happy that I stuck around.

I am not sure that I would pay almost $200 for a show here, but all in all, the Santa Fe Opera House was a good experience.