Farmhouse Café & Bakery

FarmHouse Café & Bakery

I was super stoked to go check out this restaurant. The Farmhouse Café bragged about serving food that was “Local, Organic, and Made with Love”. My friend from New York was visiting and we were intrigued by the promise of farm-to-table eating near Taos.

We really liked how easy the place was to find and the look of the restaurant was rustic and quaint. However, with very few exceptions, the menu looked pretty much like any diner menu out there. And paying $10+ for an omelet didn’t thrill me at all. But we were there, so we ate.

We got the house made chai because it was really cold and rainy that day (made with whole milk — we were not told there were other options) and we shared a gluten free dessert to end our meal.

A few months later, none of the food really stands out in my mind, nor does the service, only my friend’s comment when she saw the bill: “What do people do out here? This is like New York prices!”

As much as I want to go back and give this place another try — and I totally support their ethos to serve organic local fare — there’s not much on the menu calling me back.