Ra Paulette Meditation Caves

Ra Paulette Cave, Embudo NM | Enchanted New Mexico

When I first moved out here to New Mexico, I had every intention of keeping to myself and being a kind of modern-day hermit, so when the landlord showed me the meditation cave on the property I was sold! After all, what proper hermit doesn’t have their own cave? Lol

The cave on this property is one of a few in the area created by Ra Paulette. Many of them (including ours) seem to have been commissioned and are privately owned, so unfortunately, they are not open to the general public, hence the 4-star rating.

According to Wikipedia, “Ra Paulette is an American cave sculptor based in New Mexico who digs into hillsides to sculpt elaborate artistic spaces inside mountains.” They are both sacred spaces and works of art. Every cave he builds is done entirely by hand, without the use of power tools. I would highly recommend watching the movie, “Cave Digger” to learn more about Ra Paulette and the caves.

MORE INFO: www.racavedigger.com